Computer Module

The computer module range includes equipment for:

TAB-PC0050 PC System Assembly Training System
Today, computer can be completely build up from parts and components. The PC System Assembly Training System is designed to provide students with the knowledge of assembling a computer from individual parts and components. Students will acquire the knowledge to identify each and every component used to build up the working computer. Upon completing this course, they will know how to choose the appropriate system components to customized towards the necessary system performance and stability.
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TAB-PC0100 PC System Servicing Training System
In today’s world of technology, computer has become an essential item in our life and demands for computer technicians have been increasing dramatically since the millennium year. The TAB-PC0100 PC Servicing Training System had been designed to cater the problem. In this training system, students and instructors are exposed to basic computer servicing technique and provided with non-destructive fault evaluation session to enrich their experience to overcome issues arise in the future computer servicing. The fully transparent enclosure with the comprehensive course work will further enhance the knowledge of students and instructors.
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TAB-PC0200 PC System Troubleshooting Training System
While IT technology growing rapidly, majority of our home and office users will have at least one computer around for their working or entertainment purposes. Computer technician with troubleshooting skill and experience has great demand due to this reason. The TAB-PC0020 PC System Troubleshooting Training System is designed to provide training courses to both students and instructors in obtaining computer troubleshooting skill. The unique un-destructive faults introduction and removable technique combining with the comprehensive course work will definitely provide sufficient hands-on experience to users upon completing the courses.
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TAB-PC0300 PC Colour Monitor Training System
Since the invention of CRT tube, the monochrome computer monitors have been the ultimate output device for computer. From the days of monochrome EGA to today’s 36-bits colour SXGA, the repairing and servicing of the computer monitor remains equally important. The TAB-PC0300 PC Colour Monitor Training System has been designed to cater the knowledge of basic monitor servicing and troubleshooting. This includes the safety precautions in handling internal monitor compartment as well as steps to prevent damaging the monitor. The comprehensive course material will guide users along the training course and enrich their skill and experience in monitor service and troubleshooting.
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