Core Electronic Module

The core electronic module range includes equipment for:

TAB-DT1000 Digital Trainer
The TAB-DT1000 Digital Trainer provides a complete digital electronics workstation to speeds and simplifies digital circuit design and experimentation. This versatile digital trainer enables beginners and advanced students to build and test circuits in a very short time, apply course material in a practical way, through experiment and by building and testing own prototypes, leading to a rapid understanding of logic techniques. Both instructors and students will appreciate this rich featured designed TAB-DT1000 with comprehensive courseware, make it the ideal tool for learning or development of microelectronics circuits.
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TAB-DLT1000 Digital Logic Trainer
The DLT-1000 Digital Logic Trainer is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone to experiment, design, and troubleshoot digital electronic circuits. All inputs and outputs are carefully conditioned to avoid damaging your digital components, sensitive inputs and outputs and not to overdrive any part of your circuit. Necessary equipments for digital logic experiments are installed making TAB-DLT1000 an amazing educational tool for learning or teaching in digital logic experiments as well as developing and testing circuit prototypes.
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TAB-MPT1020 Basic 8088 Microprocessor Trainer
The TAB-MPT1020 Basic 8088 Microprocessor Trainer had been designed using the Intel 8088 microprocessor to provide the best start-off learning platform for the Intel based microprocessor. This 8088 microprocessor trainer has combined majority supporting hardware included those required in designing microprocessor application as well as microprocessor systems. This trainer comes with complete comprehensive course material and upon completed the course work provided, students or instructors will acquire the knowledge to design and implement multiple systems ranging from simple control to complex security system.
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TAB-MPT2110 Advanced 68000 Microprocessor Trainer
The TAB-MPT2110 is a versatile design & evaluation tool for education, training & developing purposes. The Motorola MC68000 family based trainer is suitable for teaching microprocessor principles for industrial control and multi-user computer systems from introductory level through to advanced applications. The TAB-MPT2110 combined with the ease of use of the base training system with comprehensive teaching material providing the ideal platform both for classroom teaching environment and laboratory development work based on the MC68000 family series processors.
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TAB-PLD1100 Basic Programmable Logic Device (PLD) Trainer
Today, digital electronics are made from large assemblies of logic gates which have a fixed function. However, the future of complex and reconfigurable digital logics lies in programmable logic device, a PLD. The TAB-PLD1100 has integrated a latest PLD chip which is powerful enough to configure a complex digital logic circuit into one chip. The TAB-PLD1100 is a complete hands-on training system with comprehensive workbook. Upon completing the course work, instructors and students will understand operational theory and programming in PLD up to the industrial requirement.
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TAB-MCT1000 Basic PIC Microcontroller Trainer
Microcontroller, a common yet popular “controller in a chip” integrated in almost any appliances appear around us. A microcontroller can controls electronic devices, instruments and even vehicle subsystems. The TAB-MCT1000 Basic PIC Microcontroller Trainer uses an easy to learn PIC controller while pushing its performance to the limits. By the time students or instructors completed the comprehensive course work, they will acquire the knowledge to design and deploy controls using the PIC microcontroller as well as skill to troubleshoot a PIC microcontroller system.
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TAB-MCT2100 Advanced PIC Microcontroller Trainer
As in TAB-MCT1000 Basic PIC Microcontroller Trainer, the base unit trainer with its comprehensive course work is providing a platform for students or instructors to acquire knowledge and gain hands-on experience using a PIC microcontroller. The TAB-MCT2100 Advanced PIC Microcontroller Trainer further extends the skill of implementation and deployment by introducing the interrupt base experiment. Students or instructors will obtain datalogging knowledge and implement intelligent control system using environmental feedback system.
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TAB-MCT1010 Basic 68HC08 Microcontroller Trainer
The 68HC08 is an 8-bit microcontroller from the broad-family of 6800 series. The Motorola family processor and controller had been popular of its powerful bus systems and simple instructions. The TAB-MCT1010 Basic 68HC08 Microcontroller Trainer has leveraged the power of 68HC08 microcontroller in designing the comprehensive course work. The course work covered majority important topics that required in programming and designing the controller. Upon completing the course, students and instructors will able to deploy an amazing control system using the powerful 68HC08 microcontroller.
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TAB-MCT2110 Advanced 68HC08 Microcontroller Trainer
After completing the comprehensive course work through out TAB-MCT1010 Basic 68HC08 Microcontroller Trainer, students or instructors can further extend their knowledge in control designing and deployment. In TAB-MCT2110 Advanced 68HC08 Microcontroller Trainer course work, training provided in details of microcontroller functions with common industrial design layout and how to avoid pit falls in deploying control environment. These industrial level experiments with feedback and datalogging will definitely enrich students or instructors with real life control design experience.
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TAB-ADT1000 Analogue Devices Trainer
Tymaex TAB-ADT1000 Analogue Device Trainer is truly an ALL-in-ONE trainer every educators at elementary level are looking for. The unit is supplied with built-in function generator, AC and DC power supplies, built-in multimeters and also essential onboard exchangeable electronics components. With all these components, one can always create their own hobby kits/projects onboard easily.
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TAB-DET1000 Digital Electronics Trainer
Tymaex TAB-DET1000 Digital Electronics Trainer is a self-contained unit, yet compact; merely of an A4 size paper, is specially designed to cater for beginners at elementary level for learning the most fundamental concepts of digital electronics. This includes hassle-free pre-wired board for simple connections and large breadboard area for conducting projects/experiments with the self-supplied DC voltage. The most recent optional feature development will enable students to monitor live-on-sync output on PC.
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