Instrumentation Control Module

The instrumentation control module range includes equipment for:

TAB-EST0100 Embedded System Trainer
An embedded system is a special-purpose system uniquely designed to perform one or more dedicated functions. The TAB-EST0100 Embedded System Trainer has embedded both hardware and software by specially designing a multipurpose architecture to provide students with numerous control interfaces. After completing the course work, students will master and understand the basic operational theory of embedded system and at the same time gaining hands-on experience which will enrich their exposure in controlling and handling of embedded system.
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TAB-PLC1000 Basic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) KV Trainer
Today, we are living in the world which is full of automation. A Programmable Logic Controller, PLC is the key leverage for the automation of real-world processes. The TAB-PLC1000 is designed in the way to provide instructors a range of applications to teach students how to understand the programming and operation of Programmable Logic Control. Upon completing this course, students will obtain the knowledge of PLC programming and application design to suite the current industrial needs and requirements.
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