The product range includes equipment for:

IT & Telco Technology – Products included Computer Module covering IT based technology advancing in the field of basic hardware and software PC integrals, maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing of PCs and its peripherals; Server Module covering learning and discovering the different roles played by multiple server systems and their primary functions in the globally network world; and Telecommunications Module where advanced computer-based training equipment covering analogue, digital & telephony systems, microwave technology, wireless & WiFi networking, copper cabling networking, fiber-optics, Bluetooth communications, antennas, satellite and transmission lines.

Mechatronics & Instrumentation Control Technology – Products included Mechatronics Module providing a mechatronics buggy, trainers in pneumatics, electro-pneumatics, hydraulics and electro-hydraulics (with optional PLCs), plus mechanical transmission. Also included is a wide range of robotics products, including simple anthropomorphic robots, precision robots, CNC lathes and milling machines through to sophisticated Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS); Instrumentation Control Module providing a range of analogue and digital servo, PLC, PLD and transducer-based control systems that operate with Tymaex™ Training Systems in a software-based control environment.

Electronic & Electrical Power Technology – Products included Core Electronics Module covering the fundamental building blocks of electricity, electronics and microprocessors, as well as circuit applications and fault-finding; Electrical Power & Machines Module covering all areas from basic electrical principles, typical machine types through to sophisticated power electronic control systems, using a flexible modular 'frame' system. Virtual Instrumentation allows sophisticated characteristics to be monitored.

Creativity & Imaginary Development – Products included Fundamental Shapes Education Set covering the fundamental shapes recognization and objects building with their imagination.

Other Tymaex™ Training Systems range includes products that can be used to complement the teaching equipment.

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